Image of Omar Guernaoui

Oregon State University organized weekly walking tours of downtown Corvallis, OR for the university’s visiting research scholars.

The hour-long promenade features a tour guide to explain the rich local history, from the establishment of the city and historic buildings, to local art and architecture along the walking route.

In combination with the city’s history, practical knowledge is shared – from transportation information and local events, to some of the staples of American culture.

This provides a great opportunity for scholars to connect initially with the city, get a sense for their host community, ask any questions they may have, and make new connections.

Omar Guernaoui, a research scholar from Morocco, confirmed that “meeting new people is the thing I enjoyed the most, I believe cultural diversity is the real richness. Walking in downtown, in a city such pleasant as Corvallis, and learning about the history, cultural manifestations, local habits […] is really enjoyable.”