Image of Alessandra Carneiro

This past October, Georgetown University’s Office of International Programs led thirty five visiting researchers and exchange students to a local farm for pumpkin and apple picking to celebrate the fall season. “Being an urban campus, we wanted to ensure our visiting students and scholars had the opportunity to get out of the city and enjoy an American tradition,” explained International Student and Scholar Program Coordinator, Amy Dorsey.

The trip to the pumpkin patch was one of a year-round series of events for J-1 visitors at Georgetown, which has included kayaking trips, coffee hours, career workshops, and holiday parties.

While at the farm, students and scholars enjoyed a hay ride out to the pumpkin fields, picking apples, and shopping at the farm’s market. The trip brought together a diverse range of scholars and undergraduate exchange visitors from a variety of countries, allowing them the opportunity to mingle and form new friendships.

Said scholar Alessandra Carneiro from Brazil, “This kind of program gives us the opportunity to meet other scholars and share experiences.

It’s also a great opportunity to meet Americans, learn more about their culture and practice English.” Meri Heralla, a visiting scholar from Finland agreed. “The experience was great! I love to see new places and it was nice to have a day out in the fresh air after all the libraries.”