Updating Officials and Account Maintenance

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Welcome to the SEVIS Training for sponsor officials. This training is designed to facilitate your understanding of SEVIS in regards to the administration, maintenance, and management of the J-1 program information at your organization and your exchange visitor and spouse/dependent records. In this presentation we will discuss: adding an existing official to your Exchange Visitor Program, adding a new official to your program, SEVIS login and password requirements, and annual verification.

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Disclaimer: This presentation provides guidance for using SEVIS. It does not replace the Exchange Visitor Program regulations found in 22 CFR Part 62. To obtain administrative guidance on the Exchange Visitor Program, the Exchange Visitor Program regulations, or program or exchange visitor issues and concerns, contact the Department of State’s Office of Private Sector Exchange Designation.

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We will begin with information about how to add Responsible Officers and Alternate Responsible Officers to your program.

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Information about the sponsor officials is at the bottom of the Program Information Page. The link to Add/Update Officials is located in the Edits section on the left side of the screen. Clicking the link opens the Official Information page.

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The Official Information page opens and all officials associated with the program are listed. There are two ways to add an official: Add New Official is used to add an official that does not currently have access to SEVIS, or Add Existing Official, which is used to add an official that currently has a role in SEVIS as an RO, ARO, PDSO or DSO. First, let’s add an existing official by clicking the Add Existing Official link. The Add Existing Official page displays. Enter in the SEVIS user name of the official and click the Add Official button. Information about the official displays. Review the information. If any information is changed, it will change for each school and program the official is affiliated with. Click the Add Official button. A message will display advising that the request has been successfully submitted. You may then print and sign the Form DS-3037 and submit it to the Department of State for review.

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Now let’s add a new official by clicking the Add New Official link. The Add Official page displays. Enter in the required information and click the Add Official button. The addition of a new official requires review by the Department of State. On the Request Submitted page, click the Print DS-3037 button to open up a pdf of the Form DS-3037. The Form must be signed and documentation must be sent to the Department of State so that the review can be conducted.

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If you would like to replace an RO, click the Replace link, which is to the right of the RO’s email address on the Official Information page. You will then be brought to the Replace RO page. Once here, either type in the SEVIS User name of an existing official you would like to add, or enter the information for a new RO. If you would like the outgoing RO to continue with your program in the role of ARO, check the box marked Change the role of RO to ARO, which is at the bottom of the screen.

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Let’s talk about account maintenance and resources to be used for other information.

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Users must log into SEVIS at least once every 45 days. When a user has not logged into SEVIS for 30 days, an alert will display on the alerts page, listing the RO or ARO who has not logged into SEVIS for 30 days. Also, an email will be sent to the RO and all AROs with a reminder to log into SEVIS. If the user is also a PDSO or DSO for a school or campus, all users at those schools and campuses will also receive the email. When the ARO has not logged into SEVIS for 45 days, his or her user ID is inactivated. An inactive ARO cannot use the request password reset functionality. They must contact their RO to request a password reset. The RO may use the Request Password Reset link on the Official Information Page to begin the ARO password reset process. If an RO requires a password reset, they may use the Forgot Your Password link on the SEVIS Login page to request a password reset. Users must remember to change their password every 90 days. When users log into SEVIS after 75 days, SEVIS will display a message alerting them of the password reset deadline and asking if they would like to change their password. In the event that a user requires a password reset, they should bear in mind that a password cannot be reset more than once in seven days.

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Each year, the RO must verify that all the officials listed in SEVIS still require access to SEVIS. Starting in December, both the RO and AROs will see a verification reminder message on the Message Board page. SEVIS will generate automatic email reminders 30, 15, and 5 days before the verification deadline if the RO has not confirmed that users require access to SEVIS. The RO will have the ability to verify the officials. The verification must take place by March 2nd or the officials will lose access to SEVIS for the program.

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To verify the officials, the RO must click the ‘required to verify’ link in the message on the Message Board page or the Program Information page. The ARO Verification page displays all officials associated with the program. The RO will be selected by default. Click the Yes or No radio button next to the name of each ARO listed. A message will display if No is selected letting you know that submitting this answer will cause the ARO to lose access to the program. Click the Submit button to complete the verification process.

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Thank you for watching. For additional videos about administering your exchange visitor program, please visit our website.