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Welcome to the SEVIS Training for sponsor officials. This training is designed to facilitate your understanding of SEVIS in regards to the administration, maintenance and management of the J-1 program information at your organization and your exchange visitor and spouse/dependent records. In this presentation we will discuss: Transferring an Exchange Visitor Record to another program.

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Disclaimer: This presentation provides guidance for using SEVIS. It does not replace the Exchange Visitor Program regulations found in 22 CFR Part 62. To obtain administrative guidance on the Exchange Visitor Program, the Exchange Visitor Program regulations, or program or exchange visitor issues and concerns, contact the Department of State’s Office of Private Sector Exchange Designation.

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Now we will talk about the transfer of the SEVIS record to another program sponsor.

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Click the SEVIS to SEVIS Transfer link on the Exchange Visitor Information page to initiate the transfer process.

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The SEVIS to SEVIS – Exchange Visitor Transfer page opens. Enter the Effective Date of Transfer, Receiving Program Sponsor Number and click the Validate Transfer button. The system displays the name and program number of the program the exchange visitor will be transferring to, known as the transfer-in program. Clicking the Approve Transfer button will approve the transfer. The transfer out program can cancel the transfer any time prior to the Effective Date of Transfer.

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On the date entered as the Effective Date of Transfer, the status of the Exchange Visitor’s record will change to Transferred at both the transfer-out program and the transfer-in program. At the transfer-out program, the RO or ARO can still view the record and see the Event History.

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Now we will talk about creating a record for a transferred Exchange Visitor at the transfer-in program sponsor.

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After the official at the transfer-out program clicks the Approve Transfer button, the transfer-in sponsor officials will be able to see the exchange visitor on the list of Transfer In Exchange Visitors and Dependents on the list page. However, the exchange visitor’s record will not become available for editing at the transfer-in program until the Effective Date of Transfer.

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On the Effective Date of Transfer, the transfer-in officials can access the transferred record and update it. Click the Edit DS-2019 link to start editing the Form DS-2019 for the exchange visitor. If the record is not edited and the program participation at the new program is not validated within 30 days of the Effective Date of Transfer, the system will automatically change the status of the record to No Show.

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Creating a transfer-in record follows the same process as creating an initial record. Some fields from the transfer-out sponsor record will be populated on the new record. These fields include personal information, contact information and the exchange visitor’s category. The Program Begin Date and Program End Date also transfer. The Program End Date can be updated as long as the program duration does not extend beyond the maximum duration of participation for the exchange visitor’s category. Spouse/dependent data also transfers. Program, funding and site of activity data does not transfer from the transfer-out record. This data must be entered during the transfer-in process.

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When the record is submitted, the system displays the confirmation message that the SEVIS to SEVIS transfer-in has been successful. The record stays in Transferred status until it has been validated.

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Only three actions are available for the Transferred record after the Form has been edited: No Show, Reprint DS-2019 and Validate Program Participation. The Validate Program Participation action changes the status of the record to Active at the new program.

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Thank you for watching. For additional videos about administering your Exchange Visitor Program, please visit our website.