Safety and Security on Your Exchange Visitor Program

We want you to stay safe on your J-1 Exchange program, and we are here to help if an incident were to arise.

Welcome to the Exchange Visitor program for visitors on a J-1 Visa. Know that your safety is our first priority. Should you have a concern or complaint related to your program start by working directly with your local supervisor and your sponsor. Examples of concerns and complains include placement and employment issues, safety concerns, harassament or abuse, or if you or another student is the victim of a serious crime. When we receive a concern or complaint we log it into our case management system. Once a case has been logged it is assigned to a program analyst like me. I start fact finding and confirming details. We want you to know that our team works diligently, and without bias to gather all the relevant facts and see cases through to completion. Don't hesitate to report a concern or complaint to us. Have fun and remember that we are here to help you if you need us.