Renew Designation

Six months before a program approval expires, SEVIS will provide an alert indicating that the expiration date is nearing. Another alert will display 3 months prior to the date of expiration. SEVIS does not send email notification for redesignation. The RO/ARO must submit a request for redesignation in SEVIS, and then must print a copy of the Form DS-3036. This Form must be signed and electronically submitted to the Department. A sponsor who has submitted a redesignation request, including supporting documentation, may continue to operate the program until notified by the Department of a decision to authorize or terminate its designation. Designations are generally reviewed close to the expiration date. Programs are redesignated for one or two years. See Section, Redesignation, in Volume I of the user manual for detailed instructions.

Redesignation [22 CFR 62.7]

Prior to the expiration of a given designation term (1 or 2 years, unless restricted by the Department), a sponsor must seek redesignation for another term. In order to apply for redesignation, the sponsor must file an application through SEVIS. Redesignation requests are evaluated based upon the criteria established in 22 CFR 62.6, and take into account the sponsor’s annual reports and other documentation reflecting its record as an exchange visitor program sponsor. An application for redesignation must be filed electronically through SEVIS. The Department of State website links to the User Manual for Exchange Visitor Program Sponsor Users (RO/ARO) of SEVIS Volume I, which provides detailed instructions for completing and filing a request for redesignation using the electronic Form DS-3036. To download a copy of the manual, visit the SEVIS page.