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Welcome to the SEVIS Training for sponsor officials. This training is designed to facilitate your understanding of SEVIS in regards to the administration, maintenance and management of the J-1 program information at your organization and your exchange visitor and spouse/dependent records. In this presentation we will discuss: The Annual Report, and using the Downloads Page.

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Disclaimer: This presentation provides guidance for using SEVIS. It does not replace the Exchange Visitor Program regulations found at 22 CFR Part 62. To obtain administrative guidance on the Exchange Visitor Program, the Exchange Visitor Program regulations, or program or exchange visitor issues and concerns, contact the Department of State’s Office of Private Sector Exchange Designation.

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Now let’s take a look at the Reports.

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To access the reports, select the Program from the Listing of Programs page and click the Reports button.

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On the reports page, select the Annual Report and click the Submit button. On the next page, choose the reporting year and click the Submit button. A PDF file with the annual report will be generated and will display in a new browser window. The report must be printed and signed, and sent to the Department of State with supporting documentation by the due date. The alert showing that the program’s annual report is due will continue to display until the receipt of the annual report is noted in SEVIS by a Department of State official.

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The program’s annual report must be generated and emailed to the Department of State each year by the date stipulated on the program sponsor’s designation or redesignation letter. The annual reporting cycle and the status of the report are listed on the program information page. This Slide shows the due dates for the different reporting cycles. An alert is displayed on the first day of the month when the annual report is due. In addition to the SEVIS-generated report, a narrative Program Evaluation is also required. The Program Evaluation should include information such as cross-cultural activities, reciprocity, staffing, and program trends.

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Now let’s look at the Download’s page that provides the ability to generate an Exchange Visitor report.

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To access the Downloads page, select the Program from the Listing of Programs page and click the Downloads button.

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The downloadable Exchange Visitor Report for Sponsor Officials, in the Reports section of the SEVIS Downloads page, allows the user to export all exchange visitor records in one status at a time. The exported report includes detailed information for each exchange visitor on the report. To export the report, click CSV or Excel in the File Type column. The Download Report window will display. Select the desired status and click the Submit button. You will then have the option to open or save the report.

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Thank you for watching. For additional videos about administering your exchange visitor program, please visit our website.