Work and Travel in the United States

Remarks by 2013 Summer Work Travel participants working at Kings Dominion Amusement Park in Doswell, VA.

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[Summer work travel participants work at Kings Dominion, an amusement park in Doswell, Virginia]

Title card: Summer Work Travel participants come to the United States to learn U.S. business practices, gain professional skills, volunteer, and become immersed in U.S. Culture.

Title card: In August 2013, Kings Dominion's Summer Work Travel participants volunteered at FEED MORE, a food back in Central Virginia.

Jessica (Summer Work Travel participant from Dominican Republic): This program is like, you know, you come to the U.S.A. to work and travel. It is just to meet people. It's exciting though that you are going to places that you see just in movies. It's not just work you are coming to have the greatest summer that you can imagine because this is my best summer ever.

[summer work travel participants laugh]

Atheel (Summer Work Travel participant from Jordan): It's awesome, you know, like we go on trips, everyday I'm getting a new experience. about work, about the language, and about everything.

Alexander (Summer Work Travel participant from Dominican Republic) understand everything, I met many new people, they were awesome and I feel great being here having a good time. And, I told you, I like to be friendly, I have a lot of friends, I cannot handle it, it's too much. [Chuckles]

[playful background music] [Summer work travel participants sit and listen in a King's Dominion conference room]

Jessica: If someone asked me if you want to come back the next year to this place. I would say, "Yes, for sure!" because it's like a family. You can find all that you want here.

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Summer Work Travel participants walk away with many experiences. It is more than work and travel, many participants embrace the American practice of volunteerism and philanthropy, like these students at King's Dominion who snuck in time to volunteer at a food drive. Click here for more info.