My Two Homes

Remarks by Camila

I heard about the Au Pair program because of my sister. She told me about the program.

I was looking around. I was trying to go to the United States, and I decided to come.

The first and most important thing was because of my English, I decided to come here. I can interact very well with kids,

and it's a very wonderful opportunity to help them and to grow together because they are perfect teachers of a new language.

My role here has been like a big sister. So, I like that because I have a full house in Colombia.

I have four siblings, so I liked to be in contact with kids.

I'm taking classes in Georgetown University. I've been taking a lot of classes during the year.

My host family, they are amazing. I love them. They are like my real family. They give me everything that I need, and I feel at home here.

This is a very nice opportunity to know another country and to meet wonderful people,

and my experience has been awesome. I love this. Take a chance and come here.