International visitors are the largest group of volunteers at the NYC Marathon

the TCS New York City Marathon is the
00:01 single largest one-day sporting event in
00:03 the world and the j1 program is sort of
00:06 the spine in the backbone as the largest
00:08 single group volunteering on marathon
00:11 day
00:13 when I first heard about the j-1
00:16 volunteers and their engagement with us
00:19 at the New York City Marathon I've made
00:21 that instant connection here we are in
00:23 New York City what a diversity that we
00:26 live in and you know we look at our
00:28 runners and all of the countries that
00:29 they're from and then you have our j-1
00:32 visitors it's just a natural fit
00:34 [Music]
00:46 when you become part of this experience
00:48 it allows you to make an impact on the
00:52 runners it's small things to be at a
00:54 food station but it means a lot without
01:00 expecting something
01:03 even
01:05 you always get something like even if
01:07 it's like a smile or a thank-you or
01:09 whatever and it's so much fun to happen
01:11 to know that you do something really
01:13 good
01:14 [Music]
01:25 you are just one person but with the
01:28 whole group you can change something and
01:29 that's what we are experiencing here
01:31 today
01:31 [Applause]
01:42 so many people like me
01:45 Germany of course from Brazil from
01:47 Mexico from
01:49 from a vain yas'm from all over the
01:51 world and it's so nice to have this cut
01:53 for exchange and to talk about different
01:55 things how things are in different
01:57 countries
01:57 [Applause]
02:00 seeing different people from all over
02:01 the world Camila's amazing because I saw
02:04 everyone Asia you are you as Africa
02:08 every all together and love
02:13 we're all celebrating the human spirit
02:16 human accomplishment and the je ones
02:18 make that possible they are sometimes
02:21 the only face an outstretched hand that
02:23 a runner will see during the race they
02:25 help them get through the 26.2 miles
02:27 they are making memories every mile and
02:30 without them we would not be nearly as
02:33 successful