Inspiring Wanderlust in Their Children

Remarks by Will & Catherine
Host Parents of Aupairs

One of the things that I think is important to understand to participate in the program is that the role of host mom and host dad is a significant piece,

and so I think the program is most successful with families who really want personal, energetic, loving childcare, but also are willing to provide support to the au pairs throughout the course of the year.

It works best when there are both of those pieces of the puzzle together.

I certainly think the appeal to me was the notion of someone who would give an extra measure of personal attention and care.

We ask them to speak to our children always in French, but we try to speak to them only in English, at least after the first few days.

In making the decision to participate in the au pair program, it's important to keep in mind that it is a young person who is unfamiliar with the culture and is unfamiliar with the circumstances that they are going to come into.

So having some communication even before they arrive can be really helpful.

It has been really convenient for us in terms of we were in daycare before.

But there was a certain difficulty in getting Nicholas up and out and the bottles and everything in the morning.

It's been nice, first of all, to not have to do that everyday. But on days when we do need to get out of the house, to have someone here to help us. It makes a huge difference.

They do get a glimpse into multiple families through their friendships, which is good, because you wouldn't want an au pair to leave the country thinking this is the only way Americans are.

I think it's certainly something that's new and different. It was new and different for us. We've just had great relationships.

We've stayed in touch. We sort of feel like we have nieces and nephews now spread out around the globe.