Maintaining Spouse / Dependent Records

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Welcome to the SEVIS Training for sponsor officials. This training is designed to facilitate your understanding of SEVIS in regards to the administration, maintenance, and management of the J-1 program information at your organization and your exchange visitor and spouse/dependent records. In this presentation we will discuss: Maintaining Spouse or Dependent J-2 records.

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Disclaimer: This presentation provides guidance for using SEVIS. It does not replace the Exchange Visitor Program regulations found in 22 CFR Part 62. To obtain administrative guidance on the Exchange Visitor Program, the Exchange Visitor Program regulations, or program or exchange visitor issues and concerns, contact the Department of State’s Office of Designation, Private Sector Exchange.

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To access the J-2 record, click on the SEVIS ID link of the J-2 on the Exchange Visitor Information page.

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The Dependent Information page displays information about the J-2 spouse or dependent. The record is in Initial status and includes the menu of available actions for the J-2 record, including Edit, Invalidate, No Show, and Reprint DS-2019. Updates made to the J-2 record have no effect on the J-1 record. For example, the Invalidate action is performed when a Form DS-2019 was created for the J-2 spouse or dependent and the sponsor learns that the person will not be coming to the United States. Click the Invalidate link to open the Invalidate Spouse/Dependent page.

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Enter required Remarks. Clicking the Invalidate button changes the status of the J-2 record to Invalid.

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The Exchange Visitor Spouse/Dependent Menu page shows that the J-2 record is now in Invalid status, while the J-1 and the other J-2 record remains in Initial status.

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Thank you for watching. For additional videos about administering your exchange visitor program, please visit our website.